How to fix: Invoice numbers stay same on recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online

Case: With recurring transactions none of the invoice numbers ever change. They are the same month to month, as well as across multiple customers with same invoice number. It is becoming a huge problem getting paid from Customers (Clients) when they see the same invoice number every month.

First, we will need to turn on Custom Transaction numbers. You can do this by going to the Company Gear icon (upper right corner) > Company Settings under Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content > check “Custom Transaction Numbers” > ON > Save.

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custom transaction numbers

Now, go to the Company Gear icon again > Lists > Recurring Transactions. Delete the “Invoice number” from the field and Save.

delete inv no

YouTube Tutorial Video:

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    2 thoughts on “How to fix: Invoice numbers stay same on recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online”

    1. I had already completed these steps previously, but went through and double checked just to make sure. When I try to delete the invoice number on the recurring template, it shows back as soon as i reopen the template back up after saying that it was saved. Do you know any reason as to why it would do this?

      1. I’ve also heard some issues regarding recurring transactions template lately. It seems it may not be saving the template in your case.
        All I can suggest is to clear the cache or try it on another browser. Or make it “Unscheduled” type for a time being if that works.

        Good luck and please come back again!

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