Import Desktop Data

Import Desktop Data
Import Desktop Data

Few advance preparation tips for exporting company file from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online QBO
From QuickBooks Dektop home page screen > Select Company menu > select Export Company File to QuickBooks Online (located at the bottom)
Like any software conversion, this is also not a seamless process.
QBO do not provide with any guidance regarding any necessary steps to take for advanced preparation.
It is always bound for unexpected surprise after converted to QBO. At that point, it’s too late.
Although the list could be a lengthy one, depending upon the size and business nature of company file and data.
I would recommend at least taking few steps here before the conversion.
1. Clean up (or delete) the vendor and customer list
2. Clean up (or delete) the item list
3. Revise or delete recurring transactions list
4. Run final inventory quantity on hand and valuation reports (if using inventory)
5. Print (or save on hard drive) bank reconciliation reports for past three months
6. Review and delete un-billed customer reports
Just few. Batch delete is not a choice option in QBO. Expect unexpected.
There is no going back from QBO to desktop again (despite whatever they claim).
Yes, fingers crossed for a smooth transition. Right way to put it!

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