How to handle a partial payment when creating an invoice in QBO?

Case: A customer bought $105.00 worth of product and paid $80.00 in cash. You need to send an invoice to the customer for the balance. How would you handle this in QBO?

First, create a new invoice using product/service item code for $105.00. Use deposit field to post $80.00 as the prepayment on that invoice. Deposit field is located right below the total. Now, the invoice will show $25 balance due.

If you do not see “DEPOSIT” field on your invoice, go to “Company Gear” settings to enable deposit field: Gear icon (upper right corner) > Settings > Company Settings > Sales > Deposit > ON > save. See screenshot below for reference.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
enable deposit setting

Once you enter deposit amount, your invoice screen will expand to show the following three fields added to the invoice form. Fill out the information appropriately:

a) Payment method
b) Reference no.
c) Deposit to

You will need to select “Deposit to” field depending on your situation. If you are depositing this deposit (prepayment) to the bank along with other payments as a batch deposit, then you should select Undeposited Funds Account. On the other hand, if you are depositing just $80.00 as a single deposit to the bank, you should select the appropriate bank account.

deposit field on invoice

The snapshot below shows what accounts are affected by this transaction:
deposit journal report
1. Accounts Receivable: $25
2. Sales Income: $105
3. Undeposited Funds or Bank Account: $80


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How to fix: Invoice numbers stay same on recurring transactions in QuickBooks Online

Case: With recurring transactions none of the invoice numbers ever change. They are the same month to month, as well as across multiple customers with same invoice number. It is becoming a huge problem getting paid from Customers (Clients) when they see the same invoice number every month.

First, we will need to turn on Custom Transaction numbers. You can do this by going to the Company Gear icon (upper right corner) > Company Settings under Settings > Sales > Sales Form Content > check “Custom Transaction Numbers” > ON > Save.

Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
custom transaction numbers

Now, go to the Company Gear icon again > Lists > Recurring Transactions. Delete the “Invoice number” from the field and Save.

delete inv no

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    Can QuickBooks Online remind me that I need to create an invoice

    Yes, you can set up “Reminder” in QuickBooks Online.

    This is how you do it:

    From the home page screen

    • Click on your company gear in the top right corner
    • Click Recurring Transactions under the Lists column
    • Click New
    • Change the Transaction Type to Invoice
    • Change Type to Reminder

    Your reminder will show up in the Tasks section of your home page screen. Click “View reminders” link to review and complete the task.

    Click on the screenshot below to enlarge it


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    #QuickBooks – How do I edit the footer message which appears in all my Invoices

    To edit the invoice footer message:

    From the home page screen

    • Click in the company gear at the upper right
    • Go the settings
    • Click custom form styles
    • Find the Standard template under Name and click Edit under Action
    • Select Footer
    • See “Message to customer”. This is where you can edit the message details from the Invoice.

    Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
    message to customer

    message to customer2

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    #QuickBooks #QBO How do I get separate payments from different customers to show up as one deposit as it does when I deposit it in the bank?

    On Receive Payment screen (create + sign > customers > receive payment) > select deposit to: undeposited funds > choose invoice and payment amount > save

    Next step > On Bank Deposit screen (create + sign > other > bank deposit) > select customer payments > match total payment to bank deposit > save

    If you are downloading bank transactions > banking center (left navigation bar > transactions > banking) > click deposit in question > deposit transaction screen will expand > select “Find Match” > select transactions (payments) to match deposit amount > save

    Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
    deposit to undeposited funds1

    deposit to undeposited funds2

    deposit1 match uf


    deposit2 find match

    deposit3 match transactions

    deposit4 posted in quickbooks


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    Is there a way to check the status of emailed Invoices “sent” and “viewed” by customers?

    Yes. To see which invoices were sent and viewed by clients:

    From the home page screen

    • Left blue navigation bar
    • Click Transactions
    • Select Sales
    • Click Filter
    • Under Type select Invoices
    • Click Apply

    Under the column Status* (between total and action), invoices that have been sent electronically are labeled Sent.
    –  (Open Sent) labeled for recent Invoice payment not due yet
    –  (Overdue Sent) labeled for invoice past payment due date
    –  (Open view) labeled for invoice actual viewed by client
    *In case STATUS column is blocked adjust column-width a bit.

    You can click any actual invoice and under activities at bottom, sent and viewed (if viewed by client) will have date and time information.

    Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
    sent viewed

    sent activitites

    sent viewed activities


    You can also receive an emailed copy of each invoice you send out.

    To do this:

    • Click the Company Gear Icon (upper right corner)
    • Select Company Settings
    • Select Sales
    • Click Messages
    • Check the box Email me a copy
    • Save


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    How to turn off the “Terms” so it won’t show on an Invoice at all?

    Removing the “terms” completely from your invoice is a part of “Custom Form Styles” under Settings. You will need to disable the “Terms” setting just once.


    Here’s how to do it:

    • Click on your Company Gear in the top right corner
    • Click Custom Form Styles under the Settings tab
    • Select form name you would like to take the Terms off of
    • Click edit under action column (far right)
    • Select your form style and click Next
    • Click on Header on the left side
    • Uncheck the box next to “Terms” under Customer
    • Click Save

    Now when you invoice your customers using this customized template (under customize at the bottom),  there will be no terms of payment listed.

    Click on the screenshots below to enlarge them
    turn off terms

    turn off terms invoice


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    How do I print Invoices from the print queue in new QuickBooks Online?

    To print Invoices in batch:

    From the home page screen

    • Go to blue navigation bar on the left and select Transactions tab
    • Select “Sales”
    • Click filter and for Type choose “Invoices”
    • Choose “All Statuses” (or your preference) for Status
    • Choose “To be printed” for Delivery Status
    • Select “Dates”
    • Select “All” for Customer
    • Click “Apply” button
    • Click Batch actions
    • Select Print Transactions
    • Wait Invoices to load in PDF format
    • Hoover around your mouse towards the bottom right corner
    • Select “Print” icon on the far right
    • Choose “Print using system dialog… (Ctrl+Shift+P) to select printer and print invoices
    • Done

    How-to video: