Location Tracking

Now You Can!

#1 Create line item Journal Entry by LOCATION
#2 Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss by LOCATION Report
#3 Bank Deposit (Deposited to Undeposited Funds) by LOCATION

location journal entry

location bs

location pnl

location deposit

QuickBooks Online Bank Feed: How to import/export bank rules

Bank rules are great for controlling how incoming bank transactions are categorized before you accept them into QuickBooks. Rules save time and minimize typing mistakes!

This article explains how to import and export rules, which is convenient if you manage multiple companies (like accountants often do).

SOURCE: http://quickbooks.intuit.com/blog/how-to-import-export-quickbooks-online-bank-rules/#respond

Is it possible in the new QB Online to finally change the column width on invoices?

Yes, it’s available now.

You can finally re-size columns on Invoices.

From the home page screen

  • Select Create (+) sign (upper-middle)
  • Select Invoice under Customers heading
  • Select “Customize” at the bottom middle
  • Select “Columns”
  • Select + or – to resize width of the Invoice column
  • Save
  • See attached screenshot photo for reference

More improvements are coming in this area, I heard,  Stay tuned!!!

invoice column width
invoice column width

Where & how do I enter new W-9 information for sub-contractors in new QuickBooks Online?

Partial information from W-9 goes to Vendor Information screen. You need PLUS level subscription.

Most important info is to enter tax ID and “track payments for 1099” checkbox.

There is no way to actually attach actual W-9 form at this time.

If you feel this feature should be added to future revision, please make your voice heard by sending your feedback.

vendor info tax id
vendor info tax id
vendor prepare 1099s
vendor prepare 1099s
vendor prepare 1099s follow steps
vendor prepare 1099s follow steps

How do I create multiple sales form templates from new custom form styles?

You can create/save as many customized invoice templates you want out of available five form styles.
To do this:
Company Gear (upper right corner) > settings > custom form styles > choose form style > go to drop-down arrow next to SAVE blue button (do not just save it) > choose save as (name your template) > select form type (like invoice, sales receipt or estimate) > DONE

CAUTION: They missed DELETE button. Or even “Edit” button to change to different form style. Hope update coming soon!!!

custom form styles
custom form styles

custom form styles template
custom form styles template

custom form styles create save as
custom form styles create save as

How to cancel my free trial QBO subscription?

Your free trial will automatically cancel after the 30 days, as long as you have not entered credit card information.

  • There’s not a way to just cancel it.

To cancel my paid subscription:

  • From the home page screen, select the Company “Gear” (upper right corner)
  • Choose “Your Account” under Your Company heading
  • On the next screen, look for “Subscription Status: Active” and “Cancel Subscription” blue link.
  • Click this link, answer just a couple questions, and then click Continue Cancellation.
  • Done

Is there a way to download all the journal entries made in a given year? An outside auditor is asking for all the journal entries made in the previous year.

You can download “Journal” report to Excel.

There is no way download each Journal Entry one by one.

For outside auditors, customized “Journal” report may work just fine.

In order to run Journal report, from the blue navigation bar on the left

Select Reports > select “Journal” under GO to report  > select Customize button > Go to List > select “Journal Entry” under Transaction type.

Now you have record of Journal Entries only for the period you need.

See attached screenshot for reference


How do I edit preferences with the new company settings? I need to change my default email that goes out with invoices.

Default for sending out email is always the same* which you cannot change it. What you can change is reply-to email address of your own for customers, different than regular company email address.

      *default email address from Intuit[donotreply@intuit.com]

From the home page screen > company gear (upper right corner) > settings > company > contact info > add customer email (this is where you add email different from the company email address).

customer email setting
customer email setting

email sender address

email invoice link

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QuickBoooks Online: Collapsible Left Navigation Bar

Welcome to long waited collapsible left navigation bar!!!

Now you can collapse your left navigation bar with an arrow so you have more space to work.

To increase the space: Go to the company gear icon on the top right side of your screen. Click on the QuickBooks labs under Settings heading. You will see the first option there “Collapsible left navigation.”. Turn it ON, click done and sign back in. You will get the ability to minimize the left navigation bar so you get more space on the screen.

How does one record use of multiple payment sources for a single expense?

I made a large purchase that had to be paid with multiple payment sources.

I can find lots of information for splitting a single payment into multiple expenses, but how does one go about recording the opposite case? For example, a $10,000 expense that was paid $6,000 from a checking account and $4,000 on a credit card account.


Start with entering a Bill for this purchase of $10,000

From the home page screen > Create + sign > vendors > bill
Fill out bill form. See attached photo 1 for reference.

Then use Pay Bills, and pay by using the bank checking account for that $6,000 part. Then, Pay bills, and do the credit card account for $4,000 part.
From the home page screen > Create + sign > vendors > pay bills
See attached photo 2 for manual check payment reference.
See attached photo 3 for credit card payment reference.

photo 2
photo 3